Heathen Foray

Melodic-Pagan-Metal from Austria



11.09.2013 19:45

Our new CD, called "Inner Force" is now available for purchase:


New CD 2013

10.12.2012 15:00

We are proudly announcing some real news!
The new year will bring a new CD!
We will rush into the studio right from the first weeks of 2013!

During the next weeks we will provide you more details!

Fight with us!

21.11.2012 18:00

There is this one moment in every life. This one moment, one has to stand up.

Since the day "Heathen Foray" was born, I always thought that this music we are creating is music for people strong in mind. For people who love freedom and for them who know how important it is to give others there freedom too. I, and therefore "Heathen Foray", are not tolerating oppression in any form. I am against behaviour wi ch is actually destroying our society.

Fight with us the only fight I can accept nowadays. Don´t be separated!

Let us fight together as humankind!

Stand up with us!

Fight with us for a better world!

... and the show must go on!

30.01.2012 21:50

For a long time nothing was heard of Heathen Foray. We are working on our new album right now, whitch will rock your socks off!

Furthermore, we will announce our new band members soon. Stay tuned!

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